Literature on Maths-related Games (from Internet Research)

  1. Blending Instructional Design Principles with Computer Game Design: The Development of Descartes' Cove (Particia Wallace) [also available in pdf:]
  2. "We Have Never-Forgetful Flowers In Our Garden:" Girls' Responses To Electronic Games (Kori Inkpen, Rena Upitis, Maria Klawe, Joan Lawry, Ann Anderson, Mutindi Ndunda, Kamran Sedighian, Steve Leroux, and David Hsu)
  3. A Classroom Study: Electronic Games Engage Children As Researchers (Maria Klawe and Eileen Phillips) [also availabe in word:]
  4. Exploring Common Conceptions About Boys and Electronic Games (Joan Lawry, Rena Upitis, Maria Klawe, Ann Anderson, Kori Inkpen, Mutindi Ndunda, David Hsu, Steve Leroux, Kamran Sedighian) [also available in pdf:]
  5. Web Mathematics anyone? (Esther Yook Kin Loong) [also available in pdf:]
  6. Computer Games in Education Project: What aspects of games may contribute to education? (
  7. Promoting Transfer of Mathematics Skills Through the Use of a Computer-Based Instructional Simulation Game and Advisement (Richard Van Eck) [also availabe in pdf:]
  8. The Art of Computer Design (Chris Crawford)
  9. What makes a Learning Game (Schaller, David.)
  10. WoW-A-Minute: The World of Warcraft Blog (PC)
  11. Education and Simulation/Gaming and Computers (Jerry Seay)
  12. John Seeley Brown piece - 'Screen Language': The New Currency for Learning (Martha Lagace)