Topic: Graphs and Graph Theory

1. Stock the Shelves

Maths topic: Coordinate Plane, Graphing

  • The objective is to put the soda bottles in their correct places on the coordinate plane.
  • Pupils can learn to read coordinates (in the Cartesian plane) with this activity.
  • Alternatively, it can be used for reinforcement and practice.


2. Algebra vs Cockroaches

Maths topic: Algebra, Graphs (Secondary)

  • The objective is to kill the cockroaches that run across the grid. To do that, pupils enter the equation.
  • In Round 1: The activity can be used to introduce terms like y-intercept – as the first part requires pupils to able to read the y-intercepts of lines
  • In Round 2: Linear equations passing through the origin are introduced. Pupils learn how to find gradient of a straight line. However, it’s only limited to positive gradients; however, gradients could be whole numbers or fractions.
  • In Round 3: Pupils apply and combine what they learnt in rounds 1 & 2 to write down equations of straight lines.
  • Alternatively, the activity can serve as a practice.


3. Planarity

Topic: Graph Theory [Upper Secondary/JC]