Topic: Algebra

1. Algebraic Reasoning - Weighing Scales

Maths topic: Algebraic Reasoning [Secondary]

  • Pupils are presented with 2 groups of objects and they were to figure
  • Prior to doing the activity, pupils should have learnt multiplication and division.
  • The activity requires pupils to apply (prior acquired) the skills to solve problems.


2. Hangman

Maths topic: Geometry / Algebra / Number / Statistics

  • The system comes a vocabulary list (with words relating to geometry, algebra, number, statistics).
  • Pupils guess the letters that made up a word.
  • This can be carried out as a trigger or an introduction to the topic, where pupils learn words relating to the topic (Mathematics vocabulary). They can first click at “Hint” to guess what the word is.
  • Alternatively, the activity can be carried out after introduction of the topic, to test pupils’ understanding of the new vocabulary list.